Raw Kourt!

Welcome! My name is Kourtney and I am a High Carb Raw Vegan! I am a Keller Williams real estate agent living in Chicago. I blog about my adventures, recipes, fitness goals, and general health info. NO gluten, soy, sugar, corn, meat, dairy, or unnatural things found here! Follow me on my 80/10/10 HCRV journey and e-mail me at kourtney@kourtneykuntz.com with any questions. I am happy to give diet, fitness, health, life, etc. advice! :)

my snack bin! It has products from Living Intentions (mentioned in an earlier post), raw almonds, vitamins, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Flackers (flax crackers) and other nuts! by the way…told you I would catch up on my blogging! sorry there are about 50 in a row ;)

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